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Voice Editing Ver

Update Information


  • Windows Vista Home Basic / Home Premium/Business-capable.

*For Windows Vista.

*This program can be used for Windows 7.

*Operation is not guaranteed on 64-bit computers.

Restricted Functions after Updating

To use Voice Editing V2.1 Premium Edition in Windows Vista / Windows 7, the following restrictions apply.

  • Some functions available on the previous OS may not be available.

The Windows Vista / Windows 7 operating environment

  • IBM PC/AT or equivalent device with an edition of Windows Vista / Windows 7 preinstalled
  • Software requirements follow the system structure in which Windows Vista / Windows 7 operates.

Software Licensing Agreement

Use of this software requires agreement to the Software Licensing Agreement.

Installation may only begin after agreement is given.

Please read the following text well:

Download Procedures

Please be aware that if neither Ver2.0 of Voice Editing are installed, launching the program will not make any update.

Downloads for Voice Editing.

Prepare a folder on hard disk to receive the downloaded file.

Please enter the serial number found on the IC Recoder

You can find the serial number on the bottom of the unit.

(Please refer to the picture below.)

External color will vary according to model.

Once the download is finished, check the file size. If it is the same, the download was successful. If the size is different, delete the downloaded file and download it once again.

(For Divided module only)

Double-click the » VoiceEditingV2_Update.bat»file downloaded in STEP.2

«VoiceEditingV2_Update_Premium.exe» can be used.

* A security Warning screen may appear after double-clicking»VoiceEditingV2_Update.bat».

Click «Run» to continue the process.

Installation Procedures

Log in with the computer’s administrator account.

If Voice Editing Ver2.0 is already installed, sometimes proper updates cannot be made due to the settings.Uninstall the program from the control panel program add / remove.

Follow the install procedure to install Voice Editing Ver2.0

Once Voice Editing’s installation is complete, launch the update.

Once the update is finished, Voice Editing will automatically start. Select the version information from the help menu and check the version number. If it shows Ver.2.1, the update was successful.

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